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$1,395 – 2,295



  • Flexibility 83% 83%
  • Speed 94% 94%
  • Creativity 88% 88%
  • Cost 55% 55%


By Trimble

is a world wide phenomenon in 3D modelling software, On its own it can be used to very quickly design and decorate interior spaces but works best when combined with a good 2D drafting tool to create cabinet making documents or detail plans.

A good combination is SketchUp with RealCAD. RealCAD has a direct SketchUp file import facility and will be extremely useful in all the 2D detailing of your 3D designs.

SketchUp is a 3D modeller, if that is all you are looking for in your design then SketchUp will be great for you, however, the vast majority of interior designers will require more creativity, flexibility and power in there software. In the CAD environment, SketchUp is a bit like riding a bike with training wheels, you’ll have to try really hard to fall of but youll also never get much speed. As beforementioned, I would recommend SketchUp as an addition to one of the previously mentioned products. Designing a concept in 2D using Realcad or similar products, and then importing into SketchUp to show clients a 3D representation of the model is a highly effective combination among many industries, but on its own SketchUp isnt more than a modeller. 



  • Flexibility 83% 83%
  • Speed 94% 94%
  • Creativity 75% 75%
  • Value 100% 100%

for the Mac by IMSI/Design is a relatively new player in the Mac market, leveraging its well-known retail CAD product brand name to slip into the general purpose CAD for Mac market. Aimed mostly at the consumer, hobbyist and entry level professional market it is well priced and well optioned. The product is very different from its Windows® PC counterpart so if you know the PC version you will still have to relearn this one. It has a dedicated Mac oriented interface and is a good choice when wanting an all-rounder. It should always be purchased with the training DVD as there are many tools to learn and understand. It is available in two versions, one more advanced than the other. We would recommend buying this software from a dedicated CAD vendor rather than from a box moving retail software site like Amazon as you will undoubtedly need some level of support.

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