for Mac – from Autodesk® is not the same as its Windows® counterpart and one must be careful to understand that a significant relearning may be required to get up to speed with this very well know brand. The name is the same, the product is somewhat different. Autodesk have opted for a very Mac-like interface which for new users is not a bad thing. Like its Windows counterpart you cannot run plug-in applications with AutoCAD LT Mac and there is no official upgrade path to full AutoCAD® if you want to do 3D or run applications in the future. Potential buyers should be aware of this as a possible limitation. Its primary advantage comes when used in an office with other AutoCAD® users – the file format is the same official Autodesk Real DWG® and files exchange seamlessly.

It is also important to note that as a new policy of Autodesk, you can not purchase a license of AutoCAD® but rather annual subscription to keep your product ‘alive’. Ouch!
AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT is developed by one of the worlds largest specialist software companies and this will give users a level of security, however potential buyers should definitely evaluate their return on investment before committing to buy, especially as more affordable alternatives of equal or better ability are available.

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